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What You Must Know About Five Star Service – Never Assume!

I recently attended a Forbes five-stars training at my hotel. The Forbes trainer started the training by explaining how it feels to receive five-star service as a guest, and the genuine care and attention to detail that come with it. The trainer continued that while many of us have been working in the hotel industry for very many years and believe to exactly know our customers that we should never assume that a certain guest doesn’t care about us offering service that goes beyond and only cares about the basics. Continue reading What You Must Know About Five Star Service – Never Assume!

How Important Is Consistency With Butler Service?

When providing excellent service, quality and consistency are really just the cost of entry, but don’t do anything to get you ahead of your competition or to make you special. With offering butler service consistency continues to be the basic foundation for excellence, only that your team now needs to know when exceptions should prove the rule.

lux412ls-48710-Butler serviceButlers need to know when they can and must make an exception of a value added service to go beyond and when to stay consistent, and this doesn’t come without challenges. Most hotels that provide butler service offer the following value added services that come with it:

  • Packing & Unpacking Service
  • Beverage Service
  • Shoe Shine Service
  • Garment Pressing
  • eButler

eButler is the newest addition to the value added services provided by the butler and it gives your guests the opportunity to connect with their personal butler via e-mail or over an app on their smart phone from anywhere at anytime. So no matter where you are, the butler service is right at your finger tips. Continue reading How Important Is Consistency With Butler Service?

Changing the culture

Changing the culture is the basic requirement for any enhancements or achievements. If you are aiming to improve your associate or guest satisfaction, reinforce you standards of excellence or improve your star ratings, the first step is to establish a culture with a mindset wanting to be the best at every turn.


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How exactly do you change a culture? Continue reading Changing the culture

How to deliver excellent service

To deliver excellent service, it is not enough to understand how to do it and to have the skills to do so, you need to experience it first.

Working in hotel operations every day we often tend to forget what it means to really empathize with your guests and to put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Everyone knows or has been told a million times that you are supposed to use the guest name at least twice in every guest interaction, if possible, and yet at every hotel I ever worked in, we would always struggle to consistently deliver on this promise. Why is it possible that something as simple as using the guest name can yet be so difficult to do consistently across the hotel at every turn? Continue reading How to deliver excellent service